moncus_history1Our Founder – James Devin Moncus is the quintessential entrepreneur, living proof that hard work and dedication are the bricks and mortar of a life well led, and that business can be at once successful and altruistic. Through the James Devin Moncus Family Foundation, Mr. Moncus honors his humble roots by giving back to the community that continues to give him so much.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Jim Moncus started his career at the age of eight as a paperboy for the Houston Chronicle. “Working for the Chronicle made me feel as though I was an independent businessman,” he says. “It was then that my passion for entrepreneurship was born.”

Moncus joined the United States Marine Corp and returned to Houston in 1962 to work in the oil industry. His first job in Casper, Wyoming ended abruptly and Jim found himself without a job or a place to sleep. He took the advice of a friend and traveled to Lafayette, Louisiana, home of Lamb Oil Company. Desperate, hungry, and exhausted from travel, Jim asked for a job, preferably offshore where he knew there would be a bunk and food to eat. Luckily, Lamb Oil was in need of help and sent him out that very night. Moncus stayed with Lamb for over a decade, working his way up to International Sales. Jim is very close with the company’s owner, Ed Lamb, to this day.

moncus_history201_0In 1974, Jim founded Devin International with a meager $1,700, brokering oil field equipment in the booming Lafayette market. Within three years, the business turned a $50 million dollar profit – and Jim never borrowed a penny. His miraculous success was due in large part to Jim’s friendly, easygoing management style and his keen business acumen. Jim patented various oilfield tools still being used today.

Jim founded the James Devin Moncus Family Foundation in 2008 after selling Devin International. His desire to give back to the city that has been so good to him is evident in his generous gifts to local and regional non-profits. In its first year, the James Devin Moncus Family Foundation distributed $100,000 to education, healthcare, animal welfare, and arts organizations.

A November 2010 gift of $1.5 million to the moncus_history3Acadiana Center for the Arts performing arts theater is the largest gift in the organization’s history and a testament to Jim’s strong support of the arts in Acadiana. Inspired by his mother, Helen Elizabeth Moncus, Jim is an accomplished singer and avid art collector. He is proud to carry on his mother’s legacy in Lafayette by helping bring arts and culture to the community he calls home.