1. What types of organizations are eligible for funding?

The James Devin Moncus Family Foundation supports 501(c)(3) charitable organizations in the focus areas of education, healthcare, animal welfare, and the arts.

2. What programs/organizations are not eligible for funding?

The Foundation does not make grants to religious programs, fellowships, or in the form of loans. The foundation does not normally provide support for annual giving campaigns, capital campaigns, or endowments.

3. What are the geographic priorities of the Foundation?

The Foundation supports organizations in the Acadiana region of southwest Louisiana and, on occasion, national organizations with a strong presence in Acadiana. Rarely are grants awarded to organizations located in other states. The Foundation does not accept applications from organizations outside of Louisiana.

4. How do I apply?

Please review the Foundation’s application process to determine your eligibility, navigate to the Grant Application page and submit your application by September 30.

5. When are the submission deadlines?

The deadline for grant applications is September 30. Grants are approved by November 1, and grant recipients are notified no later than November 30. Grant payments are made on or before December 31.

6. How do I contact the Foundation?

You can email us using the contact information on this website.

7. How are funding decisions made?

Advisors to the Foundation judge proposals against the funding objectives, on their merits and in comparison to others received. The Foundation reserves the right to make grants to any charitable organization that falls within the scope of our mission and vision.

8. When will we know whether our request is approved?

Grants are approved by November 1 of each year. You may expect notification of the Foundation’s decision by this date.

9. How long must an organization wait before applying again?

There is no waiting period for re-applying to the Foundation.

10. Does the Foundation make multiple-year awards?

The Foundation normally provides one-year grants only.

11. Does the Foundation require a grant report?

Yes. We request that grantees provide us with a grant report within 12 months of receipt of the grant. Click Here for a sample grant report.